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About Köln CC

Köln Cricket Club is an umbrella that shelters a bunch of passionate cricketers in Germany. In 2001, Mr. Sayed Haider formed a cricket club and named it after the city of its origin, Köln. Since 2001, it is known as Köln Cricket Club or popularly called as Köln CC. He also holds the presidential post of Köln CC. The club encompasses members from different countries and variety of cultures. Köln CC has cricket enthusiasts from India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Afghanistan. Some of the former members had their roots in England and Australia as well. The legacy which Köln CC has built over the years speak for itself. We are one of the leading cricket clubs in the North-Rhein Westphalia region (NRW). Köln CC plays in the Bundesliga (1st Division) of the NRW cricket league.

Köln CC has emerged victorious on 12 occasions in the past 17 years of their Bundesliga championship participation. In 2005 and 2012, Köln CC added the feathers of German championships to their cap and thus extending their legacy to national arena. Köln CC has been a factory of talented cricketers. The club has continuously supplied excellent cricketers at the state as well as at the national level. Currently, Köln CC’s spearhead Dr. Rishi Pillai leads the German National Team.

Indoor and Outdoor Training

Cricket is an outdoor sport. It’s dependency on weather condition makes it vulnerable to the climate. Even though conditions are tough most of the times, Köln CC makes sure that each member undergoes enough and proper training. The training method has been divided into multiple formats. The methods include indoor training session during winters and outdoor training on sunny days. To make sure everyone utilizes their time for maximum efficiency the training is further split into decentralized and common training. Where small groups are formed and are trained nearest to their location. However, once in a month team gathers are their ground in Köln Chorweiler Nord for combined training session. In captains words, “ Cricket is not what you play on sundays, Cricket is what you do in between them.”

Trained Coaching

Each and every single senior member of Köln CC is available for any help or guidance when required. An extra emphasis is given on skill improvement of each individual during training sessions. The experience and highly skilled seniors always back their junior counterparts. Batting technique, bowling skill, fielding drills, catching practice, running between the wickets these are some of the qualities one can improve upon or can keep working on. Besides these a lot of attention is given to the fitness of the players. The agility, presence of mind, cricketing awareness are some other factors one can develop here. A strict fitness criteria is set for all the individuals which makes the whole team fast and swift.

Youth team

Köln CC also has its youth team. The youth team comprises of players from the age of 13 to 19. The team participates in the U19 circuit of German cricket and state cricket. The youth team provides fresh and enticing prospect for future of German cricket.

Annual General Meeting

Köln CC is not merely a bunch of cricketers. The club is beyond the professional relations. It is not a group but it is a family. Each year, at the end of the season we gather together to celebrate our highs and analyze our lows. There is always encouragement and hope for betterment. Annual General Meeting(AGM) is an annual gathering of the members and their respective families. AGM is a function where the outstanding performances during the season is remembered and relished. The hard work put in by the boys gets awarded during the AGM. The best of the performances are rewarded by beautiful trophies and medals. The AGM also evaluates the journey of the club. It also discusses the future plans, and path of the Köln CC. The evening usually ends on delicious meals.


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latest news

14 April 2019


BY Yash

First step towards the title!

On April 14th 2019, Köln CC played their first game against a newly promoted team from Regionaliga known as Aachen Rising Stars, on a rather cloudy and stormy day, and won it comprehensively in the end by 62 runs.


04 August 2018


BY Gaurav

Runner’s Up Bundesliga 2018

Greetings! Cricketing season of 2018 has almost come to an end. And what a journey it was for Köln CC! The story has a prequel of 2016 when it was relegated to Regional Liga for 2017 season. But as they say everything happens for a reason. The relegation helped Köln CC to regroup and rebuild. Last year with new faces and extra emphasis on fitness lead the club to 2017 regional liga title. And 2018 was a comeback year. Köln CC performed so well that they were in contention of the title. Unfortunately, Köln CC ended up on second position in the table. The net run rate was the reason that separated the league winner and table topper Düsseldorf Blackcaps and Köln CC.


12 April 2018


BY Gaurav

New Season, New Ground

It gives us immense pleasure to make an announcement of our new cricket ground. Our ground is located at Köln-Porz. The process of transforming a field into a cricket ground has been going on for last one year. After utmost dedication from each member of KölnCC, we have successfully formed a cricket ground.