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One last step-final awaits!

With great cheers and happiness, KölnCC has entered into the finals of Regional Liga 2017. This is one last step that the team KölnCC needs to cross over to be into the Bundes Liga, next year. KölnCC will play its final against HSRW on coming weekend at Chorweiler Nord. It is gonna be a hell of a match. Because both the teams have been unbeaten in the 50 overs format of the tournament.

Semi-finals for KölnCC turned out to be an easy task than expected. With clear conditions, Captain Rishi Pillai lost the toss. But much to his preference Blue Tigers decided to bat first. What can be more delightful than a decision formed as per your choice evenafter loosing a toss. A pumped KölnCC took the ground with a clear aim in mind. The opening bowlers Appu and Irfan literally had a ball. The Altendorf Blue Tigers were reduced to 6 wickets for 27 in their first 10 overs. Thanks to accurate bowling of Appu. He later finished his spell with a 5 wicket haul by giving away just 30 runs. He got superb support from the other end by Zadran and Jimit. Zadran got two while Jimit and Irfan took one wicket each. At the end, Blue Tigers managed to reach a respectable total of 94.

With 95 runs to win to reach to finals, KölnCC innings started by Shrishail with a crisp cover drive for a couple. On the other hand Irfan was dealing in only boundaries. The Altendorf bowler did try to come back when one of their bowler swung the ball outside of off stump and nicked Shrishail’s bat to keeper. But that was all. The steady Dhruv and an experienced Irfan didn’t gave them a chance. The flamboyant stroke play by Irfan was worth watching. With ball flying in all directions, it was a treat for audience. Irfan finished the innings filled with boundaries by an easy single to take KölnCC to its final. Irfan made an unbeaten 54 well supported by Dhruv who was also not out on the other end. All in all it was a comfortable victory for KölnCC. Now the final awaits!

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One last step-final awaits!

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