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New Season, New Ground

It gives us immense pleasure to make an announcement of our new cricket ground. Our ground is located at Köln-Porz. The process of transforming a field into a cricket ground has been going on for last one year. After utmost dedication from each member of KölnCC, we have successfully formed a cricket ground.

The whole process of laying down the pitch involved wise planning and crisp execution. It was a job that needed hard work. The process began from purchasing of the equipment, wooden planks, plastic and other stuff. Our senior most guys Satya Srinivas and Irfan Ahmed volunteered to purchase the stuff and drive it to the location.

Once the necessary material arrived, everyone was enthusiastic to build the pitch. Bhavin Mehta, Sachin Ks, Jimit Patel, Jacky Chaturvedi, etc formed a team to coat these planks with paint. There were 38 planks in all. While everyone was working hard some of us were monitoring the task.

Dhruv Patel, Nikhil Dhanawade and Grinesh Sanghavi, literally had an off day. They were enjoying their time on the ground. Jokes apart, they made sure the plan is well executed. Drilling the planks, arranging them and fixing them on the ground was done by them.

The most important responsibility of food and drinks was shouldered by Satya. Because you need fuel to function. And some do need two Döners, to continue working. It was fun all in all. There were many other people who had put their efforts in building the pitch. Guys like Shahab, Rahim, Kakajan, etc. After all the hardwork the out come was equally pleasant.

The pitch has a protective layer of plastic, beneath. This will protect the wooden planks from moisture and rain. The plastic covers the top as well. Then it has a green mat fixed on it.

This is how it looks at the end of it. However, this is not the end point of making a cricket ground out of the field. But it is surely a step towards it. The ground at Porz, is ready for its cricket. But it needs some more facilities to make it a proper setup. Steadily we are progressing towards it. I hope we host an official match soon!

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