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Runner’s Up Bundesliga 2018

Greetings! Cricketing season of 2018 has almost come to an end. And what a journey it was for Köln CC! The story has a prequel of 2016 when it was relegated to Regional Liga for 2017 season. But as they say everything happens for a reason. The relegation helped Köln CC to regroup and rebuild. Last year with new faces and extra emphasis on fitness lead the club to 2017 regional liga title. And 2018 was a comeback year. Köln CC performed so well that they were in contention of the title. Unfortunately, Köln CC ended up on second position in the table. The net run rate was the reason that separated the league winner and table topper Düsseldorf Blackcaps and Köln CC.

Although Köln CC has secured place but it had its own drama in the journey. To begin with Dhruv Patel was made a regular captain for the whole season. He was well guided by the former captain Rishi Pillai and other seniors like Irfan Ahmed and Satya Srinivas. This season a strict fitness criterion of beep test score of 8 was set to be in the team. Though a long way to go but at least a step has been taken to be a better fielding side. In a process Köln CC built another cricket pitch in Porz am Rhein. This resulted in forming a considerable bench strength and a promising second team.

The season was divided into two parts. Each phase had 5 50 overs games. In the first phase , Köln CC won 3 games out of 5. Out of the two losses one dented the run rate and the other caused loss of 8 points. But the second phase was outstanding with only one loss and 4 wins. The second phase saw brilliant batting performances Rishi Pillai against Riders, Irfan Ahmed against Riders and Satya Srinivas against all the opponents. Rishi was classic and looked like much to his reputation whereas Irfan was brutal with his century. Out of the rest, Satya stood strong on crease. Took the responsibility of finishing games. With solid performances against Düsseldorf Blackcaps, Riders and Blue Stars Satya Srinivas is a highest run getter for Köln CC in 50 overs format for 2018 season. With 7 wins out of 10 Köln CC was on second place.

Much like batting the bowling department was accurate and exceptional. Zadran, Rahim, Appu and Shahwali was among the wickets throughout the season. With Zadran being the highest wicket taker for the club. The spinning duo Jimit and Rahul bowled with discipline and patience, whenever given a bowl. They cracked in with crucial wickets in the middle overs and shifted the momentum. Jimit, Rahul, Shahwali,and Rahim were also handful with the bat.

All in all, the comeback was a satisfactory to the members. A title would have been a cherry on the cake but it’s okay. It has kept the hunger burning for the next season. Sometimes the wins make you complacent and the losses trigger your instinct to fight back. That’s what exactly has happened. The T20 title is still awaiting. Köln CC is in the knockouts. The club is training hard to be in the finals and win the tournament. But that comes later in the month. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the Sun!

We are still playing in porz, interested people can join us.

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